How Wales’s businesses, communities and individuals can get involved with Wales Week Worldwide via Wales Food Fortnight.

  1. Follow Wales Food Fortnight and use the hashtag #walesweek #walesfoodfort #fooddrinkwales
  2. Cook and share – start uploading your local cooked dishes using local produce, pictures and videos welcomed.
  3. Businesses can you dress up your windows to encourage us all to celebrate St David’s Day and Food and Drink produced in your area?
  4. Do a ‘Live’ virtual tour of your premises, can we meet the team and find out where we can buy your product?
  5. Is there a pub out there that would like to do a ‘Live’ quiz?
  6. Restaurants – talk us through your menu, your most popular dish, can you do a cookery demo?
  7. Can you highlight the health benefits and pleasures of eating quality fresh, seasonal, and regionally distinct products?
  8. Taster Sessions – any experts out there that can tell us for example which drink we should drink with which cheese?
  9. Are you a good cook? Why not enter the Cookery Competitions.
  10. Meet the Producer for talks and Q&A sessions
  11. Performers/Artists – join us for a ‘live’ performance.
  12. Schools:  homework activities