1. Follow on social media and register for the various activities that might be of interest to you and share with your friends and family #WalesFoodFort #WalesWeek @walesfoodfort
  2. When you go shopping make a special effort to buy local.  Look at the label, where does it come from?  Is there a local equivalent?
  3. Buy seasonal food, seek it out: forced rhubarb, Brussel sprouts, celery, leeks, cress – let us know if we have missed something out?
  4. Enter the competitions – try and use local ingredients where possible.
  5. Use your local butcher, farm shop and farmers market – find out about the person who is producing the food you are buying.
  6. Book a table at a restaurant and notice when they are serving local product.
  7. Join in online, send us pictures of menus promoting local produce, dishes that you have had in a restaurant or cooked at home, shop windows, shelves in shops. Tagging #WalesFoodFort #WalesWeek @walesfoodfort