Interactive, small group classes hosted by Nerys Howell – Cost: £20 per screen

About this class

Nerys has worked as a Food Specialist and professional chef for over thirty years and has just published her second book – Bwyd Cymru yn ei Dymor​/​ Welsh Food by Season which celebrates local​,​ seasonal and sustainable food. With Nerys, celebrate St David’s day cooking a delicious dish of ‘Finger licking Welsh lamb cutlets with laver relish and lemon crumb’. You will all then bake traditional Welshcakes with a few contemporary flavour combinations.

What you will learn

How to bake traditional Welshcakes How to cook the perfect lamb cutlet. What is laverbread and how to use it Knife skills Combining flavours.

Ingredients needed   

Download Ingredients

Servings : serves 4, makes 20 Welshcakes

Welsh lamb cutlets​,​ lemon crumb and laver relish: – 8 French trimmed Welsh lamb cutlets – 1 large handful fresh mint – 1 large handful fresh parsley – 1 clove garlic​,​ crushed – 1 dsp capers – 6 mini gerkins – 3 tbsp olive oil – zest of 2 lemons and juice of 1 lemon – 2 tbsp laver bread – 4 tbsp breadcrumbs – 1 tbsp oil – 15 g butter Mash – 500g celeriac – 500g potatoes for mashing – butter – 1 bunch spring onions – garlic Welshcakes: – 225g self raising Flour – pinch of salt – 1 tsp mixed spice – 100g butter or margarine – 75g caster sugar – 75g dried fruit (currants​,​ sultanas​,​ raisins​,​ cranberries) or chocolate chips – 1 large egg beaten – 1 lemon or orange

Equipment needed

– 1 large and 1 smaller frying pan – chopping board & sharp knives – mixing bowls – saucepan with lid – lemon grater – lemon squeezer – potato masher – rolling pin – pastry cutters – heavy frying pan or cast iron bakestone

Special instructions

It would save time if you could measure all the ingredients prior to the class. This will be a fun ​,​ interactive class where you will learn more about Welsh cuisine and ask questions as we cook along.